Goddess Vs- Doormat

What ever happen to the man whom took his time court you, took the time to learn you, meet your family ( establish a healthy relationship with them) then when the time is right gave what you have an title, a name. Today’s men have change drastically from the back when your parents thought going to the diner and sharing a soda pop was cool! however, is because us women took off our crowns as Queens and gave them the power to demean us and belittle us because, we are scared what exists we will have without a man into simply we have become scared of lonely and thoughts and feels that come with it. They say there are two different type of women that walk the earth the ones that hold their heads high like goddess and the the ones whom lay flat like doormats, which are you? Me i once was the doormat lay there flat taking whatever from an man to simply saying I have one but, honestly what does it say about my self-respect and worth I had little to none now, I am an goddess in every sense of the word willing to wait it out, take my time and make sure I know what I what from a man, what I except and accept from him. if you get nothing else from today’s rant just know there’s power in the mighty “P” and its okay to make him wait and earn it, go for the guy that is willing to wait for the cookie and treat you like the goddess you are. Ladies reclaim your throne!!goo


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