Half, Whole or Nothing

Queens, Goddess, Princesses, great women of eras before we had terms like side chicks, jumpoffs, whores and other negative terms that tore us down as women. The men loved their women wholeheartedly, adored the ground they walked on, cherish and respected them as mothers, warriors and above all treated them like equals in life and in the kingdom. During those times rules such as the 80/20 didn’t occur, the woman had just as much say as the man and both was constantly invested in each something that today’s relationships lack in every way. Articles like http://www.yourtango.com define the 80/20 with a new twist stating that ” the quality of our life is the quality of our relationship ” meaning happy life, happy relationship, you should leave work drama, family issues and anything outside of you two key  players in the relationship outside the door!! I as I stated in my previous post that I am a goddess in every sense of the word, I don’t believe in the 80/20 rule if we can’t be equally yoke; investing the same amount of energy, love and time (50/50) then obviously you are not the prince charming for me. However, sites like http://www.lovepanky.com believes that the 80/20 should be grounded on the fundamental blocks as those women from eras back when. Its all about the “big C” Compromise. 80/20, 90/10 or even 70/30; new twist or classic rule. If he or she can’t go 50/50 don’t compromise your love for love.



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