Make me feel Good

images (4)Today I will talk about my absolutely favorite topic to talk about day and night which is sex however, since I am all about women I will talk of it from a woman’s standpoint yes!! that’s right how to give us orgasm, what to do, and how to keep them coming. a little tutorial thank me later!! Problem one which is a recurring problem for men when it comes to pleasing an woman, you don’t know how to start that thang up! it all starts with a kiss please please don’t have your tongue in our eyes, noses and anywhere else that’s not our mouths and also make sure you have fresh breath kamasutra-positions-ft (no one wants to kiss a mouth that smells like outside and ass). secondly, you want to be gentle and sensual even if this a booty call, your Thursday night side chick NO CHICK wants to feel like you just using her for her body by speeding up the moment just to cum, take your time enjoy it, be gentle, caress her, a little foreplay goes along way!! (think about it). I could sit here and give you a whole check list but you can just visit sites like and there they will give you more information. images (5)

The second half of this post is help you with basic positions that are highly favored by women to take them to another place. My personal favorite is the spooning/side position where he is in the back of you penetrating while massaging the clitoris from the front however, I am just one woman there are other G-spot worth position to take her where she needs to be like the “Cowgirl:,”SpeedBump”, “Sitting/Kneeling” and as crazy as it may sound some even prefer “DoggyStyle” and of course America’s favorite “Missionary”. We can not forget to talk about how to give a woman a proper oral explosion and men NO we do not like it when you are just down there licking like a dog in heat licking water out of his dish just like the lips on her face those lips too need to be kissed gently, sucked on, and repeat!! remember if you get lost while down under just look out for the man and the boat (you should know what that is) but just in case I found a useful clip over at entitled “Orgasmic Licks how to give sensational oral sex” HAPPY SEXING, NOW GO GRAB YOUR GAL OR SOME RANDOM GAL AND PUT THESE SKILLS TO USE 🙂images (6)download (1)


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