Friday Must Read

Today I engaged in a good book entitled “The Misfit” consisting of 40 pages telling the dark side of one of my icons Marilyn Monroe born Norma Jean and her personal relationship with her Dr.Ralph Greenson. Ms. Monroe life was doomed from the very start with a mother whom dealt with manic depression being bounced from orphanage to orphanage to family friend’s house where she was raped and left alone. Dr Greenson was her fourth and last doctor to mentally treat her before she took her life in 1962, Greenson treated others like Frank Sinatra and Tony Curtis in lost notes from the doctor he stated Monroe had a lack of self-esteem, she longed for approval, as well as had a inability to establish lasting friendships with a overwhelming fear of abandonment which, he noted all steam from childhood failures and disappointments. Greenson went on record to even say she acted like a orphan provoking others to mistreat her as well as take advantage of her. This book is a phenomenal book that gives you a up close look at the dark sadden mind of Marilyn Monroe.




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