2015 hair trends

Since graduating from college being a fashion major, I still love forecasting which, in our industry means gathering all the hot trends, fad, and innovative looks of the season not just regarding clothing but makeup, hair, accessories, and more. I love fashion as well as all things hair so, I decided to pick out some trending hair styles to try or look out for in the coming season. I got all my looks from popular designers like Kate Spade (my favorite), Marc Jacob, Jason Wu and Michael More some trends I notice that is going to be worn but in many various forms of it such as braids which can be worn to the side, messy, disheveled one that was reoccurring on the runway was the “windblown braid” which gives you a messy look and loose strains in the front. There was also the ponytail which was broken down into the messy, glamour, sleek and the hardware which DVF used on the runway which is mental hardware pieces she had wrapped around a high sleek ponytails. Then there were themes such as 60’s, rocker, beach bum and Japanese inspired looks and lastly my favorite look which is by the way my current look is the choppy jet black Bob!!!! Why have bed hair when you can do simple and still be chic.





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