Danger-zone. Red Flags & Deal Breakers

In todays society us women have become so lonely and needy for the unreachable in our minds being love, we totally ignore every warning sign, and red flag that is thrown at us in the beginning of a new promising relationship in great hopes that we can be their saving grace and change them. Sorry but not sorry ladies we can never change nor fix what is not really for neither and being I’m too an woman I had my fair share of interventions from family and friends trying to warn me from a bad boy that looked like prince charming to me. I decided to sit with my good girlfriends with the help of sites like (www.psychology.com) and (www.huffingtonpost.com) and compile a 10 point list of red flags and warning signs we as women should look for in the early stages of a relationship.

1.Lying/Wondering if you with the right person

2. Controlling Behavior

3. Immature/Unstable

4. They cant admit their wrong doings

5. They cant empathize with you their partner

6. They are always busy

7. You always defending your partner to family & friends

8. You feel the need to change yourself for them

9. Your partner is quick to argue, yell and fight

10. Drastic, sudden change in their mood/behavior.

“Nothing is perfect.Life is Messy.Relationships are complex.Outcomes are uncertain. People are irrational”

– Huge Mackey.


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