Winter Gut vs- Summer Butt

Attention attention!!! It is time to whip our bodies into shape for the hottest season (summer) in my Fab’s voice turn a winter gut into a summer butt. On my own personal weight lost/toning journey I realize its not about diets, subtracting everything from dinner plate, No sugars, starch , or carbs but its the dedication you put in for a lifestyle change instead of subtracting things from your plate how about lighten your plate; instead of fried chicken and French fries you can do grill/bake chicken no skin with sweet potato fries (make healthier choices). Incorporate more water into your daily meals less juice and soda, I personally like to drink skinny teas, strawberry mint water and/or cucumber lemon water. Lastly, what’s toning up or weight lost without a little cardio, you can varies things from hiking, walking, running or my personal favorite zumba and cardio kick boxing!!!! The biggest thing to remember to stay committed to this lifestyle you should have a motivational partner to help you along your journey!!! GOOD LUCK ūüėČ



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