Online Dating

In a society where everyone is wearing mask and hiding true feelings, the biggest place/market you have to protect yourself is online on these social dating sites where people really have on multiple masks, and other motives. some people go on online and have successful stories of how they met their love of their lives and now they are having the big house, dog, and the fence “american dream” but what about those of us whom is not as lucky with online dating what are some little things we should look out for!! well I have a good five points to what i feel we should look out for or beware of when dealing with the cyber world, since I once too got caught up in that world.

1. the person maybe a married person you are talking to 

2. beware of what you give them they will try to blackmail you (I know)


4. Be careful of developing feelings too soon (Go Sloooooooooooooooow) it’s OK!

5. Be mindful of the Language being used “you sexy”= i’m looking for sex, you down! ( catfish story, click and listen)


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