The Affects of an Absentee Parent

” Some Parents really bring their children up; Others let them down” – Unknown Once upon a time back in the 50’s and 60’s you would see homes with happy healthy children living under the roof with two hands on parents. A father that goes out into the world and work, bring the money home, While the Mother would hold the castle down; tending to her family by doing her wife and mother duties (cooking, cleaning, etc). Have you notice that in today’s society it’s so more cultural acceptable to see single parent households? But have anyone stopped and wondered what does an absentee parent does to a child whether it’s the mother or father? They say that a girl’s father is her first true love but what happens if he’s not around? How does this girls perception on love and men become without the guidance of her first love? She ends up looking for love, validation, acceptance, creditability from the very guys her father would warn her about if he was active and present in her life. she ends up enduring and taking whatever from guys thinking this is the way a man is supposed to show love and affection to a woman.However, in the process she is losing any self-respect and worth she may had for herself (is now gone ). I had an absentee father and in my younger years I would hang with the guys whom did not have much respect for me, the ones he would probably warn me about if he was active in my life at all.I had to go down a road of self-discovery and worth for myself. I got hurt too many times to count, my name dragged in the mud, black mailed with pictures and videos and all for me to be sitting here now 26 years old and afraid to be valuable to anyone because my first love didn’t show me love nor how to receive from a man. Our men are just as important, so what happens to the man whom has an absentee mother? What kind of demons and endless flaws he will battle. The Man whom grew up without a mother is the very man your father would discourage you from dating. He becomes the man the world labels as “dysfunctional” and in the medical world “Bi-polar”, he goes around looking for his mother in every mate he deals with yearning for that motherly loving, spiritual factor that they been missing since probably a boy. This man grows up with basic hatred and disrespect towards women as a general because of what his mother have done to him by leaving him behind (even if it’s for his good). Some of these motherless men tend to also be abusive because, he is projecting his anger for her towards you. Either way fatherless daughter, motherless son it is highly disheartening that, those parents could not stick around to help finish raising their children. Thank god for My very own single parent/ role model whom made sure my brother and I was raised with love and double love at that for the love my father was not able to give. th


One thought on “The Affects of an Absentee Parent

  1. You turned out to be an amazing young woman even with all that’s happen with men/boys…I feel men shouldn’t have the title of a father when they leave their baby girl alone in the world to grow up they’re just sperm donors…it’s hurts when you have to see him raise another baby girl that’s not even his

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