The Cure: Her Monthly Cycle

The worst thing that can ever take place in a woman’s life besides the fact of being heart broken or for me (Usher being engaged again!) Is when your little red friend comes to visit you once a month and wreak havoc in the process. Have you ever notice the fact that you become a whole new person when you are on the rag. You can be the most friendly, joking, all smiles person and the next minute your demeanor changes you now have a really dark vibe coming off of you, you don’t want to be bothered and if any of you or the women you know are anything like me when talking to people, you keep it simple with one word answers.

How about the fact that your sexual drive is on a thousand, all of a sudden I went from I want it to I NEED IT NOW!! (right now). we can talk about all the things we hate about having our monthly cycle from cramps, mood swings, tampons, etc! but what are some things that you do or someone you know does to remain calm and do these 5-7 days without killing some body. well for me I call it my personal “Her Cure kit” to get me through those days without that much for an attitude.

  1. Pamprin (my best friend)
  2. Lifetime Movie Network
  3. Chocolate (kitkats, almond joys, twix, my faves)
  4. A Dark Room (my bedroom lol)
  5. Heat on at about 75-80 (extra blankets)
  6. Coke-Cola ( 2 bottles)
  7. Fried Foods and Hot Sauce (something about fried food when i’m on one)
  8. Comfortable sweat Pants/ PJ Pants with a nice hoodie (mines is oversize)1389826978285764

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