What Happen to Hip-Hop?

Hip-Hop is supposed to uplift & create, to educate people on a large level & to make a change” – Doug E. Fresh 

Hip-Hop has come along way from what it once was, sitting in the park with a boom box watching the local neighborhood boys break dancing or lyrically battling each other. back then they had a message to deliver, they had so much passion and fight in them to convey their point and did all of this without a care in the world about fame and money unlike, today our rappers now brag about material things, their lack of respect for women, not doing right by their children and the all the sex and drugs one person can get in their position. 

The way the music industry is now it only makes one wonder, What happen to Hip-Hop? So I ask some of my friends that are hardcore music lovers as well as some around the way older folks to give their take and opinion on what they feel has happen to Hip-Hop. While talking to all of them I have noticed that they all shared one same point about how hip-hop has changed, they feel that these rappers today compared to the MC’s back then are lyrically dead. MC back then like Called Quest, Afrika Bambaataa, NWA,public enemy, Savage Seven, Salt N Pepper (just to name a few) had meaning they were all people from the hood talking about the struggles of the hood, trying to raise above the statics that come with living in the hood, political issues; they just wanted to be hear and have a voice. Today rappers most of them have not even been through anything, coming from nice suburban residential neighborhoods and hard working parents. Which, leave them to rely on the beat to make their tracks number one on the billboard because lyrically they don’t have nothing to say other than sex, drug, and what fame has afforded them! Can it also be true that society, us the fans at home has a little to do with why Hip-Hop has changed so drastically because, we became so blinded by what we see on t.v from these artist allowing them to sell us a fake dream that some say they are renting or is it the times are really changing where homosexuality plays just as much as a big part in the culture now. are we just too accepting of things that we also single handedly help these non-talented rappers change what hip-hop is supposed to stand for?

However we can debate all day about how hip-hop done changed or rather when did the change occurred? But can anyone really say what is Hip-Hop? What does Hip-Hop means to you? From the people I have spoken to they made it clear that Hip-Hop is a culture it’s not a genre however, a series of things that comes together with the same ultimate goal to express yourself in a positive manner while educating, motivating and elevating others to express themselves in a creative way while fighting the cause. Hip-Hop is break dancing, battle rapping, beatboxing, Dj/mixing, graffiti. Hip-hop is definitely a culture within a subculture that we need back in the music industry.


I’m just disillusioned with the hip-hop sound right now. It’s too materialistic. You know, I’m the kind of guy … I can’t do that. If you track my movement, you’ll never see a picture of me with any girl that wasn’t mine, or my own car. My jewelry, my clothes. What kind of gangsta rapper has a stylist? A stylist? -Ice T


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