#MMW Minister Dorothy Canty

Since I usually blog about women and the dating world, what to look at for! Or just giving deep words of encouragement to let them know they knew born to be Queens. I decided in the month of April instead of doing my usual #Mcm I will be doing #MMW for Monday Motivational Women, lets continue to encourage our women and let them know they are not unnoticed, we appreciate you.

Todays first #MMW is no other than Minister Dorothy Canty whom was born Dorothy Manigault on August 20,1963 in the state of New York. I can give you a whole history about this #MMW but i will just tell you why I chose her. she is the most selfless person I grown to known, love and admire, she’s the type of person that will fuss you out for getting yourself in a situation you have no business being in then turn around kiss on you tell you “god is working it out in your favor”, theres something about her hugs makes you feel like you just released an emotional burden. she just don’t get down and pray for you but will be on the front line fighting for you anytime of the day or night. when you have no where to go she opens her home for you with a hearty plate of food made with love and her love for souls and children is remarkably huge! she’s one of god’s best gifts given to me. A woman I truly inspire to grow to be even if I am a 1/3 of her I still will be good cause her heart is made of pure gold encrusted with diamonds. If you wondering how we became so close well, she’s my therapist, best friend, but I simply just call her “Mom”. 



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