Does He Like Me?


Have you ever like a guy and wondered if he likes you? Does he like you more or less than you like him? Well, have you ever stopped and wondered why does it seem like I am already invested in him but, him not so much? 

I will be the one to tell you if no one else wont. Baby Girl he just not into you. You probably wondering what makes me an expert in this particular topic well, simply I once was in your seat doing group texts with my close girlfriends; asking them is it me or is it him? Do you think he is involved with another already? And telling me sweet nothings just to get to my “Sweet Box” us girls/women need to be able to pick up the signs and traits being display of him showing you clearly he is not interested. Instead of playing needy, desperate just to talk to somebody.

I figure I will share some basic or rather not so basic signs of him not being interested in you.


  1. Does he makes the time to talk to you (get to know you better)
  2. Has he tried to encourage you to date other people?
  3. He’s only available to you around Midnight 
  4. He is always canceling plans with you
  5. He openly flirts with other girls
  6. His body language 
  7. He ignores you while talking

Be Watchful of your time and energy and whom you invest both into. You dont want it to be a complete of a guy that isn’t even interested. Be WISE!!!


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