Diamonds and Brides

Have you ever looked at a blushing bride to be and realize her diamond does not really match the person who she really is? Or thought what was the process her man took in picking out her precious diamond? I will raise my hand I do from time to time look at other women’s rings and say you deserve another style or better yet carat from him.  Personally I know I would like a chocolate cushion cut engagement ring from my future husband but hey lets face it us women really never get what we want (engagement ring wise) from men! Not unless we pay for it.#SadbutTrue

Lets talk about some of the most popular cuts and what they say about you as a person/bride and what type of wedding we should expect to see from the bride.

  1. Oval Shape: She will be the over the top bride, striving to be unique. a wedding from her will be cool but colorfuloral
  2. Cushion-Cut: she is the effortlessly romantic bride, very grace Kelly. A wedding from her will be legendary and timelesscushion cut
  3. Emerald-Cut: She is the retro inspired bride, very uptown girl as well as an extreme risk taker. A wedding from will a can not miss event  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  4. Princess-Cut: She’s the bride with royal taste but modern senses. A wedding from her will be royal goddess meets 5th Ave. girl. princess cut
  5. Round shape: She is the most put together type, recognize a good thing when she sees is. A wedding from her will be the most unfussy,relaxed, whimsical eventround
  6. Heart Shape: She is the wild card, the shameless romantic. A wedding from her is an extremely polished, high society ball gown and black tie event.heart
  7. Asscher-Cut: she is the “Carrie Bradshaw” type, follows/ defines latest trends and wear her confidence well.A wedding from her would be over the top with labels and floral arrangements, one that could never be duplicated asscher
  8. Marquise-Cut: She is the bride that attracts drama.A wedding from her will be cheap and very much low budgetmarquis
  9. Pear Shape: She is the bride whom plays by their own set of rules, thinking two is better than one. A wedding from them would really be just a reception while she would go to the justice of peace to seal the dealpear
  10. Colorful: She the color outside of the lines type, very much untraditional. A wedding from her will keep her guest on their toes and wanting morecolorful  

“Some love stories aren’t epic novels, some are short stories. But, that doesn’t make them any less filled with love.” -Carrie Bradshaw


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