What’s good for the soul?

In life you come to place where you may feel all hope is gone and you don’t know which way to go. You feel alone and sometime misunderstood and I too was in that boat of pure confusion and lack of confidence. I turned first to god for direction and guidance but secondly and thirdly I go to books and music. They say books take you to another place and music takes your mind to another point in time, both can be used as therapeutic tools to help you get through. I compiled a list of books and songs that helped me in times my mind was all over the place.



  1. Achieve anything in just one year By: Jason Harvey                                                                                                  “This book is about helping you transform your life in an inspirational and motivational way”
  2. Broken Open: How difficult times can help us grow By: Elizabeth Lesser                                                                                              “A Personal memoir on dealing with illness, divorce, loss of job/love ones and how to become a stronger, passionate person in a spiritual/psychological traditional way”
  3. The Gift of Imperfection: Let Go of What You Think you’re Supposed to Be By: Biene Brown                                                           ” A Ten guidepost to engage our hearts, minds, and souls while going through the world and finding out true worthiness”
  4. Beset: The Pursuit of Happiness in Times of Crisis By: Lee Daniel Bullen                                                               “A True story of a single father on a journey of emotions and financial struggle” (Jay Loves this Book)
  5. You! By: Ed Young                                                                                                                                                                        “A Contemporary cultural book about what really defines a person from vanity vs- value, or wealth vs- worth. A book of you as a person and making upward strives.


Songs to Encourage Thee: 

  1. Tamela Mann: Take me to the King
  2. Mary Mary: Go Get it
  3. Kirk Franklin: I Smile
  4. Marvin Sapp: Never Would had Made It
  5. Tamela Mann: Master Plan

I hope that these books and songs inspire, motivates, refresh, reset and above all encourage you to do all things your heart desires and remember it’s okay to not be okay, to fall (sometimes) cause we all take stumbles in life. Know whom you find your strength in, as well as the courage to get up and fight some more. You can do it!


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