Tuesday Tunes: Jasmine V “Me Without You”

Jasmine V is one my many favorite underrated artist, whom do not get the proper recognition and shine she really deserve. Today I have decided to spotlight one of her songs this one entitled “me without you”. This song is about a couple whom may had a argument and now they have separated, and she is now going through the downside of a breakup. She by the middle of the song apologize and realize that she is not herself without him because, she knows he is the one that truly loves her.


I chosen this song today because, I am feeling this song right now lyrically. I once had a man I loved so deeply and dearly but however, my friends and family did not all the way approved of him. We fought and argued but what couple didn’t, long story short I left him not because of my family and friends to be  honest but it was my approach of tough love cause I wanted more for him, the best for him. It took me a few pointless rebounds and two years of being single for me to realize that i’m not the same Jade without HIM. Broke,rich,young,old,black,white and everything else in-between no matter what the outsiders say, mute them! cause honesty at the end of the day if that person makes you happy, truly madly all over the place you cant contain it happy, ride it out with that person. hard times never stay but for so long! #BEhappy


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