Little Black Dress


The Little black Dress is a classic iconic fashion staple piece that should be in all women’s closets. The Little Black dress is rumored to have been started my french designer Coco Chanel, others would say that Audrey Hepburn placed the concept of the little black dress on the map with her role in “Breakfast at Tiffanys” (Hepburn was filmed wearing a Givenchy black dress).

The Little black dress is supposed to be that staple piece in which you can go from work to parties, interviews, weddings, dates and funeral (to name a few). I have a few little black dresses in many different styles, materials,and lengths. How do you rock your little black dress?

Few Ways to rock your little black dress:

  • Statement Jewelry
  • Leather Jacket/Plaid open Shirt
  • Minimal look
  • Old school Glam
  • Add a Belt
  • Sheer/dark panty hose
  • Nude makeup with red lip
  • Bold Shoes

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2 thoughts on “Little Black Dress

  1. My wife mentioned recently how hopeless I am when it comes to helping her pick the right outfits, so I’m trying to educate myself a bit. She always wants my advice, so I want to be worth something. I like that you’re describing the ways to wear it…I never really pay attention to when it’s appropriate at when it’s not. Thanks for the help! Your pictures look great.


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