In the wake of the Baltimore riot in which was suppose to be an peaceful demonstration in honor of Freddie Gray turned out to be what people compared to “the purge”. The youth and some adults of Baltimore city looting and setting fires to public businesses. Has me wondering is there any hope for the future?


Is there any hope for the future? for the youth? and as well the middle class americans? the riot which I feel could of turned out better without all the armed police and the looting was a clear sign of the years and generations of built up angry, resentment and revenge. You can see in the people’s faces that the riot was no longer about Freddie Gray an young man whom lost his life at the hands of the cops but, they used the situation to display their frustration with the system, social economics, political struggles and their financial burdens.


It is stated that the system is not designed for us people of color to win, but yet to watch us fail and fall on harder times. At this point the middle class is growing smaller while the rich and poor is becoming bigger, leaving the middle class to become the new lower class face it most wont even make it to the upper class. In an article i’ve read a councilwomen had quoted “More black men are in prison or jail, on probation or parole than were enslaved in 1850 before the civil war” -Michelle Alexander. Has anyone ever wondered why so many of our black men stay locked up? most would assumed cause they came from a poverty drug infested neighborhood, some would point out that they will never be anything in life or amount to much anyways; With assumptions like that why would they? the system already have it in mind and well documented that at least four to five black youth can be expected to be caught up in the criminal justice system during their lifetime.


We know the system is not might for us in any shape or form but what about the youth? how come there is no outlet, no incentive for them? why isn’t the school teachers, the religious leaders, their community leaders becoming more hands on with these children? when they know more than half come from single parent homes. the problem is because most children that come from a single parent home ends up with a felony convictions no one wants to get involved with helping that child find their way.

If there were more jobs and programs created for the urban lower class community, the children would be able to have outlets and other way to channel their angry and voice their opinion. they only give them part-time jobs and the wages from that job not be enough to help with household bills. they resort to dropping out of school and hitting the streets to enough money for their families. It has been stated that President Obama wants to propose a “New pathways back to work fund” to provide hundreds and thousands low-income youth/adults with work opportunities as well the much needed training to provide growth for them in that industry. This initiative will do three things for the communities:

  1. Will provide support for summer and year- round jobs for youth
  2. Subsidized employment opportunities for low-income individuals that are unemployed
  3. Support for local efforts to implement promising work-based strategies and to provide training opportunities



  • Roughly 8.9 Million people work part-time jobs for Economic reasons
  • About 108.6 Million americans are unemployed, underemployed or considered not in the workforce
  • Takes up to 33 weeks for a unemployed person to find a job
  • Over 43 Million americans on food stamps in the United States


“If you’re not ready to die for it, put the word ‘freedom’ out of your vocabulary.”- Malcolm X

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