#mmw Chief Apostle Shirley Manigault- Bush

Today’s #MMW is Chief Apostle Shirley Manigault- Bush born on November 4, 1944, in New York City. Shirley was a lover of great fashion, interior designer, radio personality, educator, grandmother,mother, wife, friend, pray warrior, survivor, fighter, conqueror or better yet a true spiritual leader. She helped founded many of churches but it all begun with Universal Outreach of Deliverance Center were she not only pastored,but as well co-founded.

We can keep on talking about the many things she accomplished while she was here on earth but, I love to express in a few words why she is our #MMW (Monday Motivational Woman). In the old days back when 42nd Street in New York City was filled with Prostitutes she would run down there and hand out food to these women, minister to these women, and above all let them know they are loved (god loves them ). She never had a problem opening up her home for those whom needed shelter and in there too! She will tell you about “her friend name Jesus” and how much he loves us all. Its to be told her life was a sheer example of how to conduct yourself as a woman in this world, her heart weighed more than gold, big enough to be seen in any situaion. Day or night, Traveling the world slaying demons and saving souls, at home raising four children on her own, or at the temple. If you called and you needed her does not matter where you wanted her to meet you. She would drop it all to save that soul, a life for the lord is what she fought for. Today’s #mmw was Phenomenally  made.



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