The Makings of a Sexless Relationship

Did you know that a sexless relationship can be more damaging to relationship than an argument with a few choice words? We look at couples around us with smiles and perfect love stories to tell but not even knowing they are the prime perfect example of what a sexless relationship typically look like. Did you know that 15 out of 20 American couples aren’t being intimate on the regular.


Most Sexless relationship tend to stem from other outside or internal issues that mainly has nothing to do with the relationship but, some how affects it starting with lack of communication. Many of people fail to realize that having sex in a relationship is apart of a healthy form of communication, It’s a way to express yourself from showing a display of love,lust,desire,admiration or even disgust and hatred. A lack of sex in a relationship can cause one of you to feel neglected, rejected and frustrated which, in return cause that partner to place a sexual/love barrier up, no longer willing to fight for that aspect of their relationship any longer.


Causes of a Sexless Relationship:

  • Low Sex Drive
  • Stress
  • Illness/General pain
  • Trauma
  • Anger, Depression, Anxiety
  • Bad Breath, Poor Hygiene, Disgust
  • Lack of Love

Did you know that having a healthy sex life for a woman, her Vaginal Canal stays healthier and her walls don’t get brittle; As for a man who has a couple of orgasms a within the week, a healthy prostate. 

Things that wont help your sexless Relationship:

  • Pushing your partner  into the act of sex
  • Forcing them into sex
  • Manipulating
  • Getting Obsessed
  • Becoming too emotional
  • Ignoring existing problems
  • Blaming


According to Newsweek 18 Percent of couples have sex as little as 10 times a year, having sex 4-5 times within a year considers that union a sexless relationship.

Misconceptions of not having sex in a sexless relationship:

  • My Partner is cheating.
  • My partner hates having sex.
  • My partner is no longer physically attracted to me.
  • My partner is deliberately withholding sex from me.

Many people should know when in a relationship that there is a difference between having an affair and cheating on your partner. Having an affair doesn’t mean there is a physical aspect involve at all but they connect on a mental and emotional level, they end up talking to someone outside of the relationship about things they should and would talk to their partner about but don’t. Cheating is caused by a sexless relationship, it’s an act where one partner is simply looking for someone to release some sexual frustration.


How to Reboot/Reset your sex life:

  • Be honest about your sexual needs.
  • Dont get stuck in roles.
  • No excuses, time for a change.
  • Make sex fun, ditch the bed.
  • Take time to make time to listen to each other.

The last little fact I have for you about a sexless relationship is that 20-25% of men complain about lack of sex compared to the 30-50% of women whom complain. Whatever kind of relationship you are currently in I advise you to work on it, and work it out cause a break up or divorce sometimes can be an ugly thing to have to deal with. #LovetoLove

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