Inexpensive spots to eat at in NYC

New York City is known for being so diverse from their people, culture, food, music, fashion and others. The best thing I loved about living in my birth city is the endless amazing amount of different food represented by different cultures. I will share places I go to dine at with friends and family or a dive/hole in the wall for great comfort yummy treats on a drunken night.

  1. Blue Collar- The shake shack of Brooklyn, with their mouth watering burgers that come in under 9 bucks or my favorite chili cheese fries with jalapeno.     Brooklyn, Ny 160 Havemeyer Street (between South 2nd and 3rd streets)blue collar
  2. Bobwhite’s Lunch and supper counter- Located in Manhattan this old school vibe serves up deep down southern style comforted food. Best known for their fried chicken platter which, comes with multiple pieces of chicken, grits and you cant forge the biscuits. Manhattan,Ny  94 Avenue C (between East 6th and 7th streets)bobwhites lunch and supper counter
  3. Taquitoria- Down on the lower east side if you have a taste for tacos and burritos. This place will serve you up three taco suffered with the meat of your choice with cheese all for about $6 bucks.  Manhattan, Ny                           168 Ludlow Street (between East Houston and Stanton streets)taquitoria2
  4. Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings- Family owned eatery that mainly specialize as well as prided themselves on daily fresh dumplings and the use of organic meat. Manhattan,179 Second Avenue (between 11th and 12th streets)mimi cheng's dumplings
  5. DoJo- A vegetarian-friendly restaurant. Where you get massive portions for a little price. Manhattan, NY    14 West 4th St. (Mercer Ave)dojo
  6. Papaya King- My absolute favorite spot to go to after a night of drinking and dancing. They have a indoor/outdoor feel with a cool vibe, a crowd of people. cheese fries, pineapple juice and a spring roll or slices of pizza and a coke .#jayapprove papaya king

The best part of NYC other than the attractions, for me will always be the food and the stories behind each place, the vibes of the other people there, and the laughter and memories you make. #LovetobeCultured


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