The signs of a emotionally abusive relationship.

Emotional Abuse is any kind of psychological abuse that traumatizes a person’s mind or their state of being, forcing them to feel weak, traumatized and helpless. Did you know that emotional abuse can be giving from men or women and either gender can play the role of the abuser and/or victim.


Emotional Abuse out of all the different abuses is the most difficult one to pinpoint, it can takes a lot on your mental health sometimes resorting to being physical. we can never fully say if one is going through an emotional abusive situation, but we can help by giving some signs of emotional abuse.


  1. “Isolates You”: The abuser don’t understand you having a life outside of them, the abuser wants you all to themselves.
  2. “Verbally Abusive”: The Abuser uses derogatory names or jokes, when they say they are joking (they are not) it’s meant to be hurtful and mean to purposefully keep you in-line. They tend to be a monster at home and in public they are prince charming.
  3. “Blames Others: The Abuser does not know how to accept blame of their doings, so they pass blame along to everything/anything ( especially on you). The abuser usually throws tantrums/attacks when confronted about things they did, once again it will be your fault.
  4. “Alcohol/drug usage”: this can lead the abuser to attack emotionally.
  5. “Instills fear”: The abuser will try to intimidate you with dominance or power tactics (all mind games) mental tricks to keep you in-line.
  6. “Expects you to be a servant”: The Abuser goes through life with a sense of entitlement, wanting to be treated like a royal. The abuser would/will want the victim to handle and do everything.
  7. “Extremely Jealous”: Jealousy is an prominent trait for the abuser. They tend to be jealous of you, other people, others dreams/goals because they all have something or do something that the abuser can not seem to achieve in their own life.
  8. “Incessant Lectures”: The abuser has no problem pointing out the victims flaws and shortcomings and doesn’t mind telling them what they need to work on and fix.
  9. “Battle of the two personalities”: The victim tends to become confused about the abusers behavior and attitude. One minute they can be loving and caring and, the next hateful and purposefully mean.
  10. “Confession time”: The abuser will share their personal problems with every/any one that is willing to take a listen, but will scold the victim if they embarrass them by doing the same.
  11. Lastly, “Lets get Physical”: Sometimes when the abuser feels they are losing control over the vicim and/or the victim has grown accustom to the emotional abuse they tend to resort to being physical to still keep control in the union.

Emotional abuse just like any other form of a abuse is definitely not a healthy one to be in a  situation with a person you suppose to love you, it’s never okayimages.



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