Seed of Greatest: Finding your voice

Finding your voice in a world that is so busy and everything is consistently moving, is like finding a needle in a haystack (sometimes). finding your voice not only defines how you handle people and the different relationship you obtain in life but it also defines how others in return will treat you.

Finding your voice is the undeveloped seed of greatness that lives inside of you. you should never allow anyone (family, friends, children, mate, co-workers, whomever) destroy the seed of greatness inside of you because, they can not seem to locate their own seed of greatness we call “our voice”.

We were all born with this seed of greatest however, how we use it, care for it and so on is mainly on us ( so please do not abuse your seed of greatest). I decided to bullet four key points on how to find your voice. some may already know these key points, others may not, either way I think they can be helpful points.

  1. Know who you are : from what you want, what you need, what to expect and accept from people and including yourself, have a written foundation of what defines you.
  2. Be Expressive: Don’t get lost and confused of what people make of you! don’t allow people to control your seed of greatness only leaving you as a backseat passenger.
  3. Stick to your gun vs- Be able to take risk: Stand firm on your foundation of what defines you, and be able to step outside yourself to achieve things people thought you could not achieve.
  4. Breath, Repeat and Be great: Life is a roller coaster filled with thrills when finding your voice, the things that define you be able to breath, smell the flowers, keep laying fundamental blocks of what defines you and be great in a way that no one thought you would be!!download

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