fortheloveofjade: “A open letter to women”

Dear Beautiful Ladies,

Ladies ladies beautiful you are! Know your worth, know you are more than a pretty face and a nice body.You have hopes and dreams and things you inspire to be, don’t let that man, your friends or even family step on that dream.

Ladies take a deep breath and relax life can be overwhelming but sit back and enjoy the ride. Allow your 20’s to be the era of unwritten rules and mistakes and your 30’s to show everyone what you have to offer as an beautiful individual in this world.

Ladies god’s precious jewels don’t ever feel pressured to be with someone or be their fool. Ladies the beautiful star that you are, know if they can not love you for you then, they don’t deserve to have you. My beautiful ladies young and old don’t you ever allow them to demean you and dim your light too!

Be something special, Someone special you are! #LovetobeaWOMAN


Jade “creator of fortheloveofjade”



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