The importance of the dinner table.

The family dinner table is like sitting at the round table, a meeting place of the minds. it is normally located in the kitchen or in its own special room called a dining room. In today’s society a good amount of us gets so consumed in work and various task that we tend to forget about the dinner table, the importance of it and what it signifies in the family home.

family dinner

The dinner table where all members of the household come to sit down and partake in a meal together but, there’s more than just a meal that happens at the dinner table.It’s our safe zone to discuss all issues/problems we accrue from in school, at work or simply in the home with each other.

The dinner table where we have our most important meets amongst household members. We discuss future family trips, school events and things to be done within the week. It is not just to be enjoyed by the members in that house but family and friends come over to share a laughter and a meal or two as well!!

One great importance of the dinner table and sitting down to partake in a meal, it helps our youth with their table manners, social skills and/or even how to set the table. You can get your youth involved even more by asking them to help you prep the food to prepare the family meal, make it a family affair.


  • You can get your family members to turn off any and all electronics, no outside distractions.
  • Learn listening skills.
  • You can get the children to help with clean up after dinner.


  • Can cook as an family.
  • Experiment with new recipes.
  • Old traditions with a healthier twist.
  • Make it fun with themes “Caribbean night”.
  • Create your own meals.
  • Always healthier to eat a home cooked meal.
  • Know what your children like as well introduce them to new foods.

At the dinner table you are also learning how to listen and how to hold your own in a conversation between child and adult, adult and adult and/or child and child, everyone is engaged with conversing amongst each other. Growing up my mother made it her mission to have dinner hot and served by 6P.M every night, she would usher us all in to come in sit at the family dinner table. We would discuss the days events, upcoming events, household chores that need to be done still and issues we may had because, of my mother making us not only sit at the table and eat like a family as well as having us talk to one another. I learned how to articulate how i feel verbally by my many dinner table conversations and/or discussions.

No matter how small the meal may be or how large your family may be, don’t allow a whole week to past by without having a meeting of the minds at the dinner table, you may even enjoy it!! I did. #lovetobeaFAMILY


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