fortheloveofjade: “DIY projects for couples”

I think there is nothing more better than to have a beautiful couple whom love to spend time together and create moments and memories in the process. Today I spotlight five “DIY (do it yourself) projects” you can do with your mate.

  1. Repurpose old books: Take some of your old books that are collecting dust, clean them off and stack them; add a iphone dock and you can create a modern lamp. Place it somewhere in your home and create a cozy area for you and your honey to enjoy casual evenings together.5651f2d6c5dbf06cadb509e15f675224_650x
  2. Writing on the walls: You and your mate can dedicate a wall in your home to write secret love messages to one another with chalk, It can even be a cute idea to get the kids involved having them write messages like “have a good day daddy”.5d0e0abcd9729f99de43d23bcd95e20a
  3. Yarn-wrapped painted jars: Create luminary tea lights and/or candles with basic arts and craft materials like yarn, paint and jars. Take your DIY project and placed them on a set table in the backyard and have a romantic backyard dinner with your mate.Yarn-Wrapped-Jars-380x380
  4. Tea/coffee cup messages: Take an sharpie marker and have cute, loving or super sexy messages to your mate, place your messaged cup in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 F and you have created an forever lasting memory your mate as well as yourself can enjoy everyday ( My favorite).Sharpie-Tea-Cups-380x285
  5. Paint swatch wall: Having a hard time chosen a color for a room in your home. collect some paint swatches, order some food for two and rearrange and decorate your walls with paint swatches to your liking. A great way to have a special time with your mate. #lovetobeCREATIVE ac40ee1a8734b98b24310066cba8408a

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