fortheloveofjade: ” Signs you can be dating the right one”

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. -Dr.Seuss


We all chase and desire so many things in life. We chase/desire money, careers and status but one thing we chase that seems sometimes to be unobtainable but still in reach, is love.

When we finally find love and embrace love, we can now picture forever and a day with that person. How would we know that he/she is the right one and that it is okay to proceed to the future with this person? Can we honestly pick up the signs, clues and hints on if that person is for right now or right for the future.

  1. Temperament: They care about you and your opinions. Do you get along with this person? Do you guys just feel right?
  2. Communication: direct vs- indirect. If you both can communicate in the same/similar fashion, you have a higher chance at a successful relationship. Is your mate always willing to work harder and willing to make things work with you?
  3. Lifestyle: Are you a homebody and they love being on the scene? You should always want someone that is into the same or similar things as you, find someone whose maturity level matches yours.
  4. Intimacy: Includes romance and display of affection. Everyone has different sexual needs, if too different then you can start to experience resent and angry in the union.
  5. (Most Important to me) They accept you for who you are: The security and comfort in your relationship will come when you with a partner similar as you.


There are a lot of points and clues I can keep listing to point out if these person is worth your time or you should tell them bye bye. The above five points are the ones I find pretty important, the ones I tend to look for when dealing with a potential mate and I hope this can help you or someone else in some shape or form. #lovetohaveLOVE


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