budget wedding

This is the season to get married to the one you truly love. I have noticed how most of all my old high school friends have gotten married recently and then cry of the money the spent for their big day. I think why not have the wedding of your dreams or at least close to it, how about I give a few tips and suggests to have a low budget wedding of your dreams.


  1. When looking for a venue to have your wedding go for the public places such as: parks, gardens, trails. You can even take in consideration having a wedding at a friends house or even rent a house to have it ( you would pay per day).
  2. Consider the season and day in which you are having your wedding. Off days like thursday, friday and sundays are better and/or seasons like winter is better than having a summer wedding.
  3. Think of the amount. A smaller wedding is a lower bill. I like to say you should only invite people you know you know you can call at 3 A.M
  4. Cut the cost at the bar: instead of having open bar maybe, you should have a beer (most popular) a wine and a signature wedding cocktail. You should also know that non-alcoholic drinks are just as costly so instead, of juice and soda try water pitchers with fresh slice fruit inside of them. (be creative)
  5. Donations are the best. Do not be shame or bashful about asking your community and/or family for things to add to your wedding (food,decor,plates etc).
  6. DIY projects. You can make many of the reception center pieces, table clothes, party favors, thank you cards etc.
  7. You do not have to go to your venue or a restaurant to have your dinner rehearsal. you can have it at a friends backyard or in your home if the space is accommodating.
  8. Fake flowers are okay! You can get flowers and make floral arrangements for your bridesmaids and to decorate your venue.
  9. Have one venue instead of two meaning, to have your wedding and reception all in one place.
  10. Find a friend who is good at hair and makeup and cut the cost of having to pay for a beauty team.



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