Date Night Ideas

Nothing can be more attractive than to see a couple that actually loves to spend time with one another. Did you know that spending time with your honey bun is another form of communication as well as it helps strengthen your relationship. When I am in a relationship the one thing I look forward to is date night and the amount of effort my mate put forth in making date night special. Date night doe not have to be the typical dinner and movies but what you make it to be, as long as you and your boo is together and is enjoying your time together. I came up with some ideas and suggestion in which you can do with your mate to make your date night fun and maybe memorable.


  1. Indoor/Outdoor Picnic, have a nice spread of different foods and tasty sweets and pair it with a nice chilled wine and if you have a indoor picnic you may want to add a movie with it.
  2. Couple Massages/spa (jay’s favorite) You guys can go to professional setting and get them done together or you can stay home, open a bottle of wine and massage and oil each other. It is a super sexy and sensual activity.
  3. Take a class together, It can be a DIY class, dancing or even cooking. learning with your mate can be not only sexy but fun.
  4. Movies/Jazz club, you can go and pretend to be different people.Play coy and allow your mate to run their best pick up line on you. Its all about having fun guys, keeping the spark.
  5. Wine Tasting, Who doesn’t like to sit and sample wine while sitting and conversing with your mate about whatever or to take it one step further you two can go and make the wine, yes stepping and stomping on the grapes! remember its all about having fun and creating memories.
  6. Surprise Trip (Jay’s Favorite) you can plan a secret getaway for two for the weekend somewhere you never been where you can sightsee and spend time with each other, hey a baby may come out of this date night/weekend trip.


Date nights or weekends are the play dates for adults to keep us connected with one another, don’t lose your connection with your mate. There is always ideas and things to do to keep your spark from dimming.  #lovetobeLOVED



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