Think Out Loud

Today I’ve noticed more and more women in my age bracket have children already, some have husbands too. What I have been wrecking my brain with when is the ideal age to have children? What do you achieve first, establishing a family of your own? or a booming career? Can honestly achieve both at one time?

Lately I’ve been going through this phase where I feel “it may not happen for me” or rather “when will it happen for me?”. I am a 26 years old woman who is consumed with chasing an dream, wanting to have a healthy booming career in the marketing field. I write blogs on my spare time about every and anything according to me. I have a odd family life situation where I split my time between states and the last 30 minutes of my day I enjoy a hot cup of tea, and a good book.

I have not dated in the last two years and honestly the way the people in this world is set up with not wanting to be open, emotional and to love beyond a point of no return (I don’t know if i’m willing to sacrifice my heart for temporary love). All my friends are mothers some have two children, others more. Mostly all my friends are married too! living a life of being a housewife with no real thrill nor excitement.

What they say about career women is it true? they are the ones that look up and realize they allowed life to pass them by while they was out there chasing a dream. Honestly my friends and I are no different both are college educated women but we are all just existing none of us living.

I will make a declaration within myself to slow down from chasing the sun and take in the flowers,  I will begin to live again. I encourage everyone of all ages, situations and in-between to live in a way where there’s no regrets just memories and an abundance of love to give.



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