Kids Corner, DYI projects

The summer and is here and the kids are home, if you are not the type of parent/guardian to send the kids away to summer camp ( camps period) and maybe have some smaller tots at home. I got some little ideas and projects to do with your rugrats to keep them busy and occupied during the summer, now of course these little ideas maybe not be appealing to older kids for they just might opt to going outside and hanging with their friends and that’s okay.

I just bulletin a few ideas that my little tribe likes to do when they come to visit me for the summer. I hope yours enjoy them just as much as mines.

  1. Cooking fun: They to feel independent and give them little jobs to do while baking/cooking (holding the items, counting out the ingredients, anything). They can make anything from personal pizzas, homemade ice cream, cupcakes, etc.images
  2. You can build a indoor maze out of cardboard, something so simply keeps them so busy and entertained for hours.cardboard-box-ideas13
  3. Water bottle piggy bank, its not only fun to make it and super creative but you can also install the importance of money. I give them coins for their piggy bank for keeping their play room clean and straight.bilde
  4. Homemade sandbox, just like I stated in bulletin number 2 you get the same enjoy from your kids.sandpit_seat_18a68ie-18a69a0
  5. Photo Scrap-booking is a project we just started doing after my brothers passing we place pictures of them from birth and growing up through the years. Funny when they see their younger pictures of themselves they always think its one of their siblings, not themselves

These activities are only just a few of the things I do with them but, the list is endless from rock buddies, tie dye shirts (another of their favorites), making mask to play superhero. You can do so much with your children but most importantly you are creating memories to be shared and laughed about as years go on in life.



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