Let’s have a dinner party

One real reason I love the summer time is for the dinner parties and get together with friends or family. I love to like hostess and be able to try new recipes, catch up with my good girlfriends, or have a simple game night with my family while sharing a few laughs. I know many people whom have trouble think of ideas/themes for their next big or small dinner party/ social gathering event. I came up with some I have used in the past or currently.

  1. Rock the Bar: keep the bar full stock with your friends favorite beverages and chilled wine. Match it with a snack tray with cheese and veggies on it “watch the conversation get colorful quick”
  2. Dessert bunch: Have a arrangement of cupcake, cake, donuts and other sweet treats paired with tea or coffee, its perfect for any afternoon business meeting, family meeting or a sweet meeting with your honey bun.
  3. Couples night: Couples only! invite your favorite dynamic duo to a sit down, candle lit dinner. Have a light music playing, chilled wine, and a four course meal ” I would ūüėČ “
  4. Game night: My family and myself like to order a couple boxes of pizza, hot wings and some beers/sodas. we play all night games like: monopoly, charades, spades and trivia games. “my favorite”
  5. Movie Night: You can do this activity¬†with friends or family however, I prefer it with friends “we like the same movies” you can get the¬†standard snacks: candy, popcorn, chips and dip. I always supply the alcoholic treats lol.

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