love at first sight?

Today’s post is more of a question that will soon turn into a rant. Is there such thing as “love at first sight?” I am 26 years old ( i mention in previous post) I have never been in love but I have loved someone so deeply. I always believed to be in love with a person is to be bare in front of them, no secrets, lies, you surrendering your whole being (mind, body and soul) to a person. I honestly can say with the many men I have dated and the few I have loved I never gave all of me to be disappointed or let down ( sometimes its hard to bounce back from them).

I have been talking to this guy l been casually dating and he happen to mention to believe in love at first sight and, having your soul so deeply connected with a person that you can just up and marry a person you barely know. My problem is I don’t believe you can look at a person for the first time and know to yourself that, that person is your future. I can not see how is that possible, but I propose that is it instead of love at first sight; it is lust at first sight?

I have five big brothers and all of them told me its more of a physical thing, they see a women in public and know they have to have her in a physical sense but the fact the see a future with her or the possibilities it can go anywhere pass the bedroom. so if there is no love at first sight really then, whom came up with the concept of “love at first sight”?

I would love to hear you guys opinion about the topic! and if it is love at first sight prove me wrong.


2 thoughts on “love at first sight?

  1. Okay may be it is lust at first sight but it can grow into love.
    Sometimes I think love does not exist anymore because we are so stuck on romance.. and i dont think love is no more than romance. So there is no chance for that lust to grow into love.

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