What means the world to you

In todays society we become so obsess over social medias and other things,to a point where we can not live without it. I did a basic internet search on things people can’t live without as well as questioned a few people. All results point to things that can easily be replaced so, I had to ask myself what means the world to me. I came up with the top five things I can not live without, not even for a moment.

  1. God/religion: My religion is what keeps me stable, grounded. My god is who gives me the praises and rewards I deserve to keep me going. he also gives me proper instruction and guidance on how to navigate through life and that’s why I keep him first #always
  2. Family: As crazy as my family is and often leave me question to I even belong with these people? I wouldn’t trade them in for the world. My immediate family keeps me sane and level headed on times and situation I want to come out of character.
  3. Books: Since I was a little girl my books were always my escape and my adventure into another world. They help me as well as other people get lost in a world that’s not their own.
  4. Music: Believe it or not I prefer to listen to music than to watch television. Music for tells a story and some how relates back to my current situation. like books you can be lost in another world and time that is not yours.
  5. Love: without it you well at least me is no good. you can have all the riches in the world but without love, it means nothing.

I ask of you today to think of what means the world to you! and I would love to hear some of them! #LOVETOlove

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