The Art of Falling

Ever lost sight of who you suppose to be? What you should be doing? or rather how to get there? Lately these past few months I have lost sight of a dear precious gem “Me”. I am not sure if you have noticed or not but I have not been writing anything lately ( I think its been two months) and honestly I feel to not have the right words to type or emotions to feel. I was in a unexpected runt and didn’t seem to anything to discuss.

In these last few months I have been dating again too!! ( dating is so hard to do in this time period).  While dating this young man I have took noticed that once agin here I am losing sight of that gem “me”, placing all my woes, dreams, daily routines, etc! on the back burner for an man whom does not even give 100 percent of himself to me let alone 50 percent. Crazy part is I thought I found my one!! lol “got to find humor in it”.

Over these last few months it has been a real personal, emotional and physical struggle for me in every shape and form imaginable. The people I’ve lost, the hurt that was caused and the lies that were told could be enough to make anyone want to crumble up and  hide “to lose sight of thyself”. What I would say that shocked me the most during these last few months, is how strong of an person I am, I am most definitely stronger than the person I use to be.

Now I am back at square one. You know the young woman whose daily mission in life is to make a positive change in another’s life, the young woman who works part time cause she wants to spend the rest of her time living out loud. You know what I noticed about the “Art of falling” and “rediscovering yourself”. You find something new and interesting about yourself every time, that you did not even knew existed within you.

When you fall embrace your fall and fall with grace (keep your head up always), get back up dust your shoulders off and look to god for guidance and strength ( I surely do). You will be okay!! and You will be amazed at how heroic, strong and amazing you truly are.


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