Home Remedy Facial Mask

In todays society with everything being so pricey and us trying to be reasonable adults and not go over budget, we look for new and innovative ways to treat ourselves while saving a buck!! I know all too well I am always looking for new ways to improve my skin care and give it a natural radiant glow, of course we all know that daily consumption of water and some kind of multivitamin should be key in your daily routine. Today I will share with you some facial mask I have already made at home and used as well as some new ones I have not yet tried! Hopefully you guys can try them too and tell me how it worked out for you!!

The very first mask I ever made was the Banana facial which, you take a banana (medium size) you can neither mash it and rub it on your face, let it sit for 10-15 mins then rinse or you can mash the banana and mix it with some non-flavored yogurt then rub it into your face, allow it to sit there for 10-15 mins finally, rinse off with cold water. Another mask I had the pleasure to make at home is the Oatmeal facial which entails of course a half cup of oatmeal, 1 cup hot water, 2 teaspoons honey, 1 egg and 1 tablespoon of yogurt. once you mix the oatmeal and the hot water together and allowed it to sit for a good 10 mins then, you can begin to start mixing all the ingredients to the facial mask (give it a good whip a few times). Rub it really good into your face, tile your head back and allow the mask to sit for 30 mins (At least I did) and then rinse it off. Lastly the Lemon Facial is another have done at home, I had chose to do this one because, not only was it suppose to make your face look refresh and new but it exfoliates your skin. You take a lemon and mix it with either almond oil or olive oil ( I used olive oil) and rubbed into my skin after about 10 mins I had rinse my face off.

There are plenty other at home facial mask you can do yourself while, staying in your budget. We can try the egg facial and the Yogurt facial together lovers and comment and post the results. let me and the readers at home know it worked out for you!! I love to read the comments and things you guys post from other post I have blogged about. I would also love to place this disclaimer out there that everything is not for everybody, meaning what does well for me and my skin type might not do well for you and your skin type. I would hate for you to try anything that will harm you or your skin so, with that being said try the ones you know you can handle. #LOVETOTREATYOURSELF

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