Home Remedies to Relieve stress

While the days come and go, one thing seems to stay with us but only gets more in  intense as the week goes on. Yes! The big “S” stress. I find it that since I literally do everything from home, include dealing with my super crazy family i’ve have become stressed and if you have no idea. Stress is a silent killer its self! I figure I share some things you can do at home, at the work place or even on the go to help with stress.

  1. Deep Breathing: I know so simple and so easy but yet for us adults so hard for us to do still! just know that whatever it is that is making you tense with stress is short term and it will pass. When I calm myself down and learned some deep breathing techniques I found myself a little more at peace and ready to conqueror and take on the rest of the days activities.
  2. Meditate/yoga: I use to laugh when my best girlfriends told how they have done yoga for the day and now feel refresh and unwind, how can that be when you are bend yourself in crazy positions and sitting indian style (I haven’t done that since grade school). One day I went to my first yoga class and I loved it, I felt so at peace and more importantly I felt like I was in the moment and when you are in the moment, the stress you feel for or from a task or problem from 10 mins ago is honestly put on pause and forgotten in that moment.
  3. Let it out: The best way to destress yourself! is to call a friend or family member and if you don’t feel comfortable with talking to them seek a therapist. discuss how you feel and the things that trouble you, its always better to let it out and have a clear peace of mind than to keep it in and go mad.
  4. Music Matters: Music is also a good way to help destress. they say certain songs are like the soundtrack of our lives and I find that to be so true! there is never a time I could never find a song that is matching my mood and how I am feeling but then after I sing it out, maybe even cry a little I go back to being me. Calm, Cool and collective.                    #LOVETOBEATPEACE

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