A Lady never tells… What’s in your purse?

I always wanted to do an “what’s in your purse?” post. I think it is a fun way for woman to connect about the contents of the things in their bag as well as it helps man get a better understanding to why sometimes our purses be some heavy, right ladies!! I have been running around with the same purse lately usually I change my bag every three to four days because I have so many and I just want a chance to wear all of them equally.

I will start at the bottom left corner and and work my way around.

  1. Velvet Lippie Buttery matte lip cream= My new obsession
  2. Eos Lip Chap
  3. Kenneth Cole  reaction Leopard wallet= best gift from my brother
  4. Basic hair clip
  5. Iphone airbuds
  6. Paper mate blue pen= blue is my favorite color
  7. Tylenol= I get bad random headaches at times
  8. Germ-x Hand sanitizer= always shaking hands you don’t want their germs!
  9. Portable phone charger= greatest life saver
  10. Estee Lauder makeup bag= another world inside of there
  11. Old fashion hard candy and mints
  12. Trident bubble gum= No one like smelly breath

the bagcontents of bag

I would love to see and hear from you guys and see what you guys have inside of your bag? big or small it’s a fun way to share with other women and a note to self that it maybe time to clean your bag out lol.. #LOVETOBEINSIDETHEBAG


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