The Cure: Hangovers

Have you ever went to bed after a wild night of partying and binge drinking with friends now, have you ever woke up the next day like damn!! what happen the night before? and why do I feel like this? Well I have felt like this plenty of times before and was down for the count for a whole entire day. My mother would ask me how can I be a drinker and not have a cure to help me with my hangovers, she’s right! and ever since I learned of some tricks and tips to help with my hangovers! the next day been a breeze.

Here are some tips and tricks some may know them for others you welcome!

  1. Water is key. I find it is best to drink a glass of water the same night you were drinking right! before bed.
  2. Bread, eating bread before bed on the night you were drinking helps absorbs the liquor in your stomach which, will help with the next day wake up.
  3. Coffee it is to rumored that a cup of coffee helps with any on coming headaches possible.
  4. Greasy Foods such as hamburgers, french fries and pizza all are good foods to help soak up the liquor contents inside your stomach.
  5. I wouldn’t recommend this one but however, it works wonders for me. I personally take a little pain medication right before bed the night I have been drinking so, I won’t wake up with a headache call me crazy!! It works like a charm for me .

I would love to hear some of the tricks, tips and other sorts you do to help with hangovers. Below I have attached a link to read an article on other remedies to help with those ugly hangovers!!

Men’s health ways to ease a hangover



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