Working on my Fitness

Summer is approaching us quickly!! and we all want to get our bodies in the best shape ever to rock our favorite or newest swimsuit wear. I have been struggling and working on my summer body since December lol!! and the struggle is beyond real. Outside of working out and hiking, I have also decide to go vegan as well. However this post is not about me being vegan or the best recipes to help you with your fitness lifestyle but five exercises I have incorporated into my daily routine to get into shape maybe, they will be useful to you too!!

  1. Squat to Rotating press
  2. Reaching Row
  3. Curtsy curl
  4. Side plank under reach
  5. 90-degree static press
  6. U-boat
  7. Criss-cross lift and switch
  8. Inching elbow planks
  9. Frog press
  10. Ab crunch

Below are the links to further describe how to effectively do each workout routine

work that middle

Lose the pooch!!

share it fitness



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