HeartBroken Girl

They say that “love is blind and at times can take over your mind”. I was wondered what they truly mean and could it be true that loving someone can effect your mind, your judgement, your mental state. I have my fair share of good romantic relationships and bad ones too!! (that’s life) and with that being said it is safe to say. YES!! love does effect your mind and sometimes perhaps your judgement call too!!

I had been in relationship after being single for two years and thought this guy was going to be my “Lucky One” you know the one you will bring home to the family, the one you can see yourself making wedding plans with. However it did not play itself out like that today, I call him my dream dressed as a nightmare. He played on my heartstrings, he had me believe that we was on the same page and wanted the same things but in fact he wanted to have a slice of cake with a scoop of ice cream on the side!!

He made me think he was a full grown man but instead i was blind sided and was further introduced to the teenage boy that was trapped inside of him. You can say I played apart to the madness too!! being native and gullible to his game, wanting to alter the best parts of me to suit his needs or ideas of what his idea of a perfect girlfriend is (my mistake) Ladies!! NEVER change whom you are in any kind of form no man if he can not love you as is, in the way he found than hear me clear he is not for you!! save yourself the trouble and time.

I wrote this post not just for the women and some of the men that read my blog post but for me too!! after my break up with this guy I was a little lost and hurt but mostly embarrassed. I put me on the back burner for him, my dreams and goals, my inspirations so, I can dream with him and build him up and give him the encouraging words he needed to follow his hearts desire. The best pick me up advice came from a unlikely friend whom I did not think would know what to say to me but, told me the best revenge is to work on you and keep working on you in such a way it makes everyone stop and notice your growth. Indeed my friend I have and I am working on me to the point I see myself changing from the inside out!! Sometimes all we need in times of darkness is for someone to speak life back into us!!

I am going to pay it forward and deposit back into everyone that supports my blog, read my blog post or even have email me encouraging words pertaining my blog post. I want to tell every last one of you that maybe in a dark place, that if god is before who can come against you!! with god by your side, you can do all things!! I pray you find peace in your life.

#Lovetolove      -Jay


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