Cocktail Friday: Straight Homo

I know I know you are probably looking at the name of the cocktail for today, thinking what are you promoting!! Do they have some kind of homophobic fear? NOT at all!! It is a drink that my gay male friends and I came up with (ironically on a Friday night). The concept of the name came about because, of course I am the straight one in our trio and they represent the homo part. The drink is suppose to be a fruity drink with a bit of a punch. The recipe I am giving is for a pitcher size not for a single drink however, you can always adjust it to your taste buds.



  • A large pitcher
  • Strawberries
  • Pineapples
  • A bottle of  Moscato wine
  • A bottle of Bacardi rum
  • Topical Fruit Punch



  1. Wash off your fruit and cut your strawberries and pineapples into chunks. Place into the large pitcher.
  2. Pour 2 cups of Moscato wine into the pitcher.
  3. Pour 1 Cup of Bacardi rum into the pitcher.
  4. Full the remainder of the pitcher with the Topical Fruit Punch.
  5. You want to stir the contents in the pitcher well. If you want the alcohol to really absorb into the fruit, allow the pitcher to sit in the fridge for awhile.
  6. Second Option: after stirring the contents in the pitcher, you can pour into a nice chilled glass.


Dont knock it till you try it! or alter to your buds. However it may go! unwind, let loose and pour yourself a drink or two. I know I will (Cheers to the weekend)


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