The Detox way

I have been on this weight lost path for some time now, and while doing it I may slip and derail and have to go back to square one and start all over again! When you new to this workout lifestyle and don’t know what to do first (I mean besides the obvious which is working out) what I did well, what I was told to do was detox my body for a good week.

I find the key to detoxing is doing something that you know for sure you would not have a problem committing to,there’s some many different methods from pills to teas. I personally love to do a tea or some kind of liquid form to detox so, I would share some of the teas I have tried( what they do? I did I enjoy them?) and some links to find more detox tea recipes you can try at home.


  1. Parsley tea: Today is my first time trying it. Its really tasteless for me but its not about taste when detoxing. you should drink three times a day before a meal (preferably). The benefits of it are: helps flush your kidneys, it acts a a diuretic,  it helps control blood pressure as well as cholesterol. Need I say more it has many healthy benefits.
  2. Lemon-Ginger tea: I have not tried it though it seems to be pretty close to regular tea however, some of the benefits of drinking this tea is but not included are helps with cramps, the digestive system, clears out the lymph system as well as heartburn and more.
  3. Green tea: My favorite! I drink a cup of this a day. I feel it helps me my skin and gives me a boost of energy some other benefits you can find in green tea are helps with fighting things in your body as well as help with the liver and antioxidant.



Best DIY detox teas

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