What A Smile..

A smile can go along way. The most deadly thing a woman can own to be in possession of!! You may be asking or wondering where i am going with this, right? well…. cause with an smile you can never really know what a person ( man or woman mostly woman) is going through!! A smile can hide the deepest pain and the most deceitful lies, that same smile can be a bitter sweet  distraction from the eyes and the tears that produced from those eyes.

A smile can also be the most beautiful angelic thing you see so, contagious that you can’t help but to smile yourself no more or how hard you try not to smile. A smile on a woman can be a display of pure bliss and happiness from the delights and joy that life have produced and provided to her or even the fruits of her labor whether it being from the success of her children and family or from her own success story of fighting hurdles and battling personal self struggles, what a smile!!

However How do you know what smile is a person, a woman display today when you walk pass them, when you spat your hurtful words towards them? right! you would not know. The moral to my short and sweet post is it is best to treat person with kindness no matter how nasty a person maybe, don’t let them alternate your mood, block your blessing, pray for them in silence and they find the smile and peace they so desperately need. #showlovealways #whatasmile #learntobuildeachother


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