We made 2 years!?!?

Dear Readers,


Wow! we are a officially in our terrible two’s lol!! the blog made 2 years a few short weeks ago. I must say even though it feels good to be a blogger and express myself and talk about topics with you guys day in and out for two years I also feel bad!! I had dropped the ball, I started something that have become so near and dear to me and left it at a point where I was starting to build my fan base up and get more readers. I have been going through the most which, is not a excuse cause as humans we all have personal struggles we face each and every day (its all about how we face them).


Since my last post I had been a toxic relationship where he demean me and put me down, disrespect me to the upmost ( I had to love me again) I also found love again in a unlikely person my best friend ( we are currently on shaky grounds- but I’m engaged now). I lost a handful of friends good friends in my eyes I though would always been there left me, threw dirt on my name and had tried several times to set me up and bring harm and danger my way ( some friends huh?). I have been sick, I lost my voice and gained some “Happy weight” lol. but I am back!! I promise to write to and for you guys everyday!! I promise to bring you guys interesting topics, talk about new things with me..


I promise that 2017 will be a good year for us love bugs and we will venture off and make videos to upload in youtube. I promise to stay true to you all as You guys I hope promise in your hearts and minds to stay loyal to me, promote the blog and bring your friends in to become faithful readers as you guys have been over the last two years.





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