How to: pack for a mini trip

I am going back to my home state (NYC) to visit my grand aunt and  spend some much needed time with her and of course on Saturday night roll around the city with my friends (of course cocktails are involved lol)


I figured I give some of my travel tips and some photos of some things I am packing.

  1. When packing clothes in your bag of choice, I prefer to roll the clothes up like you are rolling sushi or dough lol! to create more space inside of your bag ( I love love to shop even if its small so this is a great method for me to stuff more crap in it).
  2. Another method of creating more space  in my bag is if I pack a pair of shoes or a small cross body bag, I can use the inside of the shoes and bag to stuff my little things in such as: undergarments, socks, my hair scarfs, my pill container, my toothbrush which is place in a travel case ( you pick up at any retail store).
  3. I usually pack more bottoms than tops. nine times out of ten I usually stay inside the house and if I need a top to go with any of my bottoms I can simply go buy it! For tops I usually pack 1 casual/dressy top, a basic top and a fleece/hoodie top. Lastly I would pack a cute shirt dress just in case I go out with my girl friends.
  4. Inside my duffle bag I also have a makeup which this trip around I am going to keep my makeup bag light I will probably pack a few brushes, eyelash case, contour kit, a few lip products, makeup wipes and single eyeshadow. ( I am trying not to over pack).
  5. When I am traveling I like travel with a bigger purse/bag some may call it their “carry on bag”.
  6. When I travel I like to be comfortable and cute ( tee shirt dress and jean leggings) so because, on this trip it will be raining I am also wearing a sport caps.
  7. other like things I like to pack when I go away is a cross word puzzle book to ]keep me entertain when I am at my aunt’s house at night and secondly, is my tablet which I have the kindle app and over hundred books.



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