Dear Old Friend!

Dear Old Friend,

Hey there! Old friend of mine. Today I wanted to write you to tell you I have truly missed you and all the crazy amazing adventures that came with you. You remember when we first met neither one of us liked each other but crazy enough both of us was dealing with death in our families and it brought us together! from that day forward we vowed “all for one and one for all” and that’s been our motto until now….

You remember when we shared our first cry session together, both of us stressed with the elements of what comes with being an young adult and attending college. We both said if we can survive these times together with what is being thrown at us from the world world, we can make it, we can can survive anything as friends. I guess you can say I owe you a couple of “thank you” and maybe some cocktails too!! for helping me pick up my broken pieces in dark times.

We was referred as “thelma and Louise” partners and crimes, team ride or die around campus however, the crazy part of being referred to as a badass team is one person in the team was falling short and being deceitful behind the scenes. I know I have never step to you and have this long overdue conversation with you but, little did you know that some of the tears that grace my face was because of you too!!!..

I remember your first act of betrayal against me HA! caught me by surprise to say the least. He was a guy I tutored, I liked, we chilled with him on many occasions some how we both ended up wanting to be the object of his affection; in the end I ended up with him. You being whom you are always thinking highly of yourself, knowing nothing or no-one is better than the “mighty you” you crossed those blurry lines and made a move on him. this was the first of many deeds to come that I ultimately turned a blind eye to.

I don’t want to pen this letter to dig up old wounds but to say thank you for our late night jam sessions, our sister-like fights, our sit in the bed and pig out on junk food while watching movies. I just wanna say thank you for being the friend at that time I thought I needed, for being yourself no more what social norms were thrown at you. Thank you for showing me that jealousy and envy comes in many forms!! where I think I lack at in life you just showed me its not all about what you have, but whom you are as a person. I am sorry for the all the texts and phone calls I have yet to reapply to nor pick up for, Sorry for that wedding invitation you are looking for but will never come to your address. I love you for all you are and what you are not but I am choosing me and my heart first old friend..

Old Roomie


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