Friday’s Cocktails on a Saturday.

HEY HEY HEY GUYS!!!! sorry about not doing cocktail Friday on Friday however, its Saturday and the fun and the party still continuing..... Today's drink will be extra strong and extra good!!! Today's cocktail is called the "ZOMBIE" i''m guessing afterwards you will feel like a zombie after drinking it.   INGREDIENTS: 3oz Bacardi Superior … Continue reading Friday’s Cocktails on a Saturday.


Healthy way Thursdays

Hey Hey Hey!! love bugs, new readers and old-faithful ones. Lately I have been feeling a way about my body and me picking up little bit of extra weight however, I won't cry too much over it lol. I am a woman and for as long as I can think back I have always have … Continue reading Healthy way Thursdays

Dear Old Friend!

Dear Old Friend, Hey there! Old friend of mine. Today I wanted to write you to tell you I have truly missed you and all the crazy amazing adventures that came with you. You remember when we first met neither one of us liked each other but crazy enough both of us was dealing with … Continue reading Dear Old Friend!

COCKTAIL FRIDAY!!!!! “Kir Royale”

Hey guys!!!! It is Friday and I don't know about you but, I am excited. It is the weekend for some you get unwind from a busy work week and like I stated from yesterday post I am making a mini trip to go see my great aunt and some of my good girlfriends. A … Continue reading COCKTAIL FRIDAY!!!!! “Kir Royale”

How to: pack for a mini trip

I am going back to my home state (NYC) to visit my grand aunt and  spend some much needed time with her and of course on Saturday night roll around the city with my friends (of course cocktails are involved lol)   I figured I give some of my travel tips and some photos of … Continue reading How to: pack for a mini trip

We made 2 years!?!?

Dear Readers,   Wow! we are a officially in our terrible two's lol!! the blog made 2 years a few short weeks ago. I must say even though it feels good to be a blogger and express myself and talk about topics with you guys day in and out for two years I also feel … Continue reading We made 2 years!?!?

What A Smile..

A smile can go along way. The most deadly thing a woman can own to be in possession of!! You may be asking or wondering where i am going with this, right? well.... cause with an smile you can never really know what a person ( man or woman mostly woman) is going through!! A … Continue reading What A Smile..